Will you meet your MP?

Why should you meet your MP?

We need MPs on board if we’re going to change our criminal records system. Many MPs are supportive of change but, with so much on their plates, they need encouragement to make criminal records a priority. Meeting a passionate constituent in person and hearing why the system needs to change can make all the difference. 

Will you meet your MP and ask for their support?

How to set up a meeting with your MP

All MPs offer the opportunity for their constituents to meet them – sometimes called a constituency surgery. A meeting can be in person, online, or through a telephone call. Most MPs have a website which explains the best way to request a meeting with them, which is usually by emailing them or phoning their constituency office.

You don’t need to say a lot – just explain why you care about this issue and say you would like to set up a meeting. Make sure you include your name and address or post code so your MP knows you’re one of their constituents. MPs may be particularly interested in meeting with constituents who have a connection to the issue – either through personal experience or the experience of a friend or loved one.


If you’re not sure who your MP is, you can find them here. Some MPs take a while to respond, so it’s worth following up after a week or two if you don’t hear back! When you meet your MP, you can tell them why you think change is important and ask them to:

  1. Call for a review of the criminal records system by contacting the Home Affairs and Justice committees and the policy teams in their own party
  2. Engage with and support constituents with cautions and convictions
  3. Champion FairChecks by speaking out and helping to bring other MPs on board

You may also find the resources below useful, including a template letter for requesting a meeting with your MP:

We're here to help

Nervous about meeting your MP? The FairChecks team is here to help. We can offer advice on how to set up a meeting or go through how you might approach the conversation. We can also share any information we have about your MP’s attitude towards criminal records reform. Please reach out to us by email at fairchecks@transformjustice.org.uk and a member of the team can support you by email or through a phone call.

If you are planning on meeting your MP do contact us so we can keep track of which MPs have been reached, and remember to tell us the outcome of any meeting you have!

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