Our criminal records system cost my husband his life
Angry texts to a cheating partner sent my husband’s life on a downward spiral that resulted in his death.
Comparing our criminal records policy with five US states
"Our criminal record disclosure requirements are much more punitive than the five U.S. states we researched"
We've moved on, why can't the system?
I’m a happily married mum of 8 and I can’t even visit the elderly because of a caution...
A fresh start for everyone: our key asks
Here's how we can start building a fairer criminal records system
Old driving offences stopped me helping disadvantaged kids
I was kicked off a long-term project because of driving offences from almost 30 years ago.
Law change: could your conviction be spent?
Your conviction may be spent sooner than you thought, even for prison sentences of over four years.
Just a 'slap on the wrist'? The long term impact of cautions
I can't find work after stepping in to help an elderly couple facing abuse.

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Nobody should be trapped in the past because of mistakes made long ago. We urgently need to reform criminal record checks so that people who have already served their sentence can move on. Signing and sharing our anonymous petition helps us show the government that there is public support for change.

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