Homemaker Mel deserves a life, not a life sentence.

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Mel’s husband of 25 years had an affair. When she found out, she slapped him in the face and he called the police. When the police arrived, Mel was hysterical and her husband was furious. The police tried to calm the situation and suggested Mel should accept a conditional caution to put an end to the matter.

Not understanding the implications, and without receiving any legal advice, Mel accepted the caution. After being a homemaker for decades, Mel has now moved out and is looking for work. But her conditional caution will appear on a basic criminal record check, the kind any employer can do, for three months, and some jobs she’s applied for have automatically rejected her because she ticked the box saying she has a record.

Long-term, Mel’s work opportunities are reduced. Many of the professions that she might consider, such as working in her doctor’s office, or at the local school, would require a detailed check which would show her record, even for back-office administrative roles.

People shouldn’t face a lifetime of barriers when they’ve already been punished.

FairChecks is asking the government and all political parties to support a review of the criminal records system so that old and minor mistakes do not continue to haunt people’s lives forever.

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