Former cabby Mick deserves a life, not a life sentence.

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Mick was a licensed taxi driver for 20 years and had never been in trouble with the law. After the death of a loved one, he went through a difficult period struggling with drink. One evening, he was drunk and smashed the window of a local shop. He was fined for criminal damage.

When his employer found out, his license was revoked and he lost his job. All taxi drivers need to have a detailed criminal record check, which will show Mick’s conviction. He’s never done any other kind of work, but feels there is a black mark against his name in his local area. If he wants to continue working as a taxi driver, he’ll need to look for work further from home and hope that other areas can look past his conviction.

Dealing with the repercussions of his conviction in addition to his grief has left him struggling for money and feeling hopeless about the future.

People shouldn’t face a lifetime of barriers when they’ve already been punished.

FairChecks is asking the government and all political parties to support a review of the criminal records system so that old and minor mistakes do not continue to haunt people’s lives forever.

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