Ex dinner lady Maureen deserves a life, not a life sentence.

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Maureen received her conviction at 21. Her younger sister was being verbally abused by a neighbour, and Maureen intervened and eventually shoved the man away. He fell and grazed his hands, and Maureen pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH). She was fined £80 and then moved on with her life. 

A few years later she became a dinner lady. She told her employer about her criminal record when she was recruited, and again whenever she needed a new criminal record check. Her employers listened to her explanation and said that the record was not a concern.

However, when a new company took over, they requested new criminal record checks for all staff, and decided that Maureen’s conviction from 35 years ago made her “too much of a risk.” They terminated her employment. Now Maureen has to find a new job, and not only explain her criminal record but also why she was sacked by her last employer. Even after 35 years, her conviction continues to stop her from living a normal life.

People shouldn’t face a lifetime of barriers when they’ve already been punished.

FairChecks is asking the government and all political parties to support a review of the criminal records system so that old and minor mistakes do not continue to haunt people’s lives forever.

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