Businesses back call to reform criminal records

#FairChecks statement of support

Over the last few months, with the support of the Responsible Business Initiative for Justice, FairChecks has reached out to businesses to discuss the need to reform the criminal record disclosure system.

We ran two well-attended business breakfasts, hosted by BNP Paribas, to discuss the issue with representatives from multiple sectors. Several businesses have now signed a statement to show their support for a review of the criminal records disclosure system. Check it out below!

Read the statement

Businesses want to give hard-working individuals the chance to meaningfully contribute to our economy. Click below to read the #FairChecks statement of business support and see which companies have signed.

The business case for reform

“The FairChecks campaign is asking for three small changes to make the criminal record clearing system fairer. We have an opportunity to not only access a wider workforce, but to change the lives of thousands of people for the better”

Over 12 million people in the UK have a criminal record, and many still have to disclose their convictions decades later when applying for work. In some cases, the offences are very old or minor, and they often have no bearing on the applicant’s ability to complete the job at hand. Yet many struggle to find work because of these records.

To needlessly write off such an enormous talent pool is nonsensical, especially as employers around the UK struggle to fill more than one million vacant positions. Businesses want to give hard-working individuals the chance to meaningfully contribute to our economy, and supporting a labour pool that’s keen to get to work makes good business sense.

As the government worries about economic inactivity, there’s no better time to remove barriers and support people who are keen to find work into employment. But for this to happen, the law needs to change so that applicants no longer have to reveal irrelevant, old and minor incidents during the hiring process and face stigma and discrimination for years or even decades.

Today, we are attending an event at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Hastings to bring together FairChecks supporters, parliamentarians, and businesses who support the need for change. It’s an exciting time to get involved!

If you would like to support our work, follow the links below to take action. If you are a business interested in signing the #FairChecks statement of support, please reach out to

Sign our petition

Nobody should be trapped in the past because of mistakes made long ago. We urgently need to reform criminal record checks so that people who have already served their sentence can move on. Signing and sharing our anonymous petition helps us show the government that there is public support for change.

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